How We Work

We work by committees, involving all who care to join in a giving and learning process that makes a difference to us and to our grantees.

The Circle is led by co-chairs elected every two years by the membership. Responsible for oversight of the Circle’s affairs and its relationship with the Baltimore Community Foundation (BCF), the Circle co-chairs conduct monthly Steering Committee meetings with other officers as well as co-chairs of each committee.

The Circle enables its members to connect to each other, to the community and to causes they support to the extent they have the time and interest. The Education committee plans four annual Full Circle meetings and other educational events to enlighten members about current issues in the Baltimore metropolitan area and to help inform their philanthropy. The Grants committee and Post Grants Evaluation committee engage members in the critical work of selecting and evaluating organizations requesting support for programs and projects that align with our mission. The Membership committee attracts new members to the Circle and facilitates their participation in Circle activities, while the Communications committee produces materials that keep members informed about events, meetings, and current issues and maintains our website to inform members and the public about our work. The BWGC is a member-driven organization that derives its strength from effectively integrating the talents, expertise and energies of its dynamic and diverse members.

Members of the Circle can choose to serve on one or more of the following committees:

The Baltimore Women’s Giving Circle is proud to be a member of the following associations:

ABA Grant Makers WGC Network