Circle Advocacy - Delegate Maggie McIntosh

Thursday, June 23, 2016 | bwgc

Delegate Maggie McIntosh

BWGC members and guests gathered at the Church of the Redeemer on May 18 to hear a “legislative update” from Delegate Maggie McIntosh, Chairman of the Appropriations Committee of the House of Delegates.  She represents the 43rd district in Baltimore City.  Sue Talbott, Co-Chair of the Education Committee and Susan Anderson, the newly appointed Co-Chair of Circle Advocacy, introduced Delegate McIntosh.

Maggie began by saying “we live in interesting times.”  She referred to the positive response by the Legislature and the Baltimore delegation to the uprising last April.  She explained that a lack of opportunity, safety, good schools and good housing were central to the uprising.  She then described the 19 bills that came from the legislature in response to these needs.

Key among her comments were: the concern for safety and security for young people in challenging neighborhoods; the crying need for safe after school options for students; the lack of educational opportunities for 3 and 4 year olds; the need for interim vs. permanent housing; the tearing down of blocks of abandoned houses with no evident plans for new, affordable housing…all concerns which align with our concerns and grant making.

Delegate McIntosh spoke about many positive initiatives generated by the recent legislative session, including a bill that Maggie sponsored which will fund an initiative called Next Generation Scholars. She strongly encouraged members of BWGC to get involved by contacting their elected representatives in the City or County, in Annapolis and Washington.  She urged us to advocate for issues that are important to us as individuals and to the Circle.  

During its first year, Circle Advocacy has presented four opportunities for members to learn about issues affecting women and their families in our area and how individual advocacy can be educational and effective. Thanks to Sue Talbott for her leadership in Circle Advocacy’s first, interesting and effective year.