The Circle Ratifies BWGC Values

Wednesday, June 14, 2017 | The BWGC

“A Values Statement represents the core beliefs of the organization that inspire and guide its choices in the way it operates and deals with people.”              

NH Center for Non-Profits 

At the May 17 Full Circle meeting, Circle members ratified a statement of BWGC values; the statement represents the culmination of several conversations over the last year about what connects us and what beliefs guide us. 

In the Fall of 2016, new Circle Co-Chairs, Vivian Manekin and Jodi Dunn, began thinking about how to connect the work of the Circle that functions incredibly well, but has become quite large, with 440 members and 16 unique working committees.  Building on discussions started by former Co-chairs Peggy Schapiro and Penny Wald, members from each of the 16 committees were invited to a leadership retreat to have a conversation about what each person values about the Circle.  The “value words” developed by the group provided the foundation for the Steering Committee to describe what the values look like in action. With the editing assistance of Penny Wald and Nell Strachan, the words evolved into statements.  Circle members were invited to validate the proposed values statements via Survey Monkey and confirmed overwhelming support with 98.4% indicating that they strongly agreed or agreed with the statements. These ratified statements will now appear on our new website together with our mission statement, and serve as a guide to our members as they do the important work of the Circle and also as a message to the Baltimore community about what the Circle stands for.

Baltimore Women’s Giving Circle Values

Adopted May 17, 2017

Power of Philanthropy
We believe with hope and optimism that the lives of women and their families can be improved by our support.

We express our allegiance to equality through our open membership policy, equal financial contribution by members, and equal opportunity to participate in circle programs, grant making decisions, and leadership positions.

Through our interactions with grantees and community leaders, we broaden our understanding of key challenges and promising practices, become more empathetic, and are better able to make informed decisions in our philanthropy.

We believe that the personal connections we form with women in the Circle and with our grantees inspire us and support long lasting relationships as we work together to strengthen our community.

We believe the various ways we collaborate - with each other, with our grantees, and with the larger philanthropic community - expand our knowledge and provide us greater opportunities to improve outcomes for women and their families.