Circle Advocacy Legislative Update

Kevin Moreno, Interim Director of Community Investment for the Baltimore Community Foundation (BCF), provided a Maryland legislative update to members of the Education Committee at the Committee’s May meeting.  Moreno spoke about BCF’s general advocacy focus for 2018, BCF’s focus on early childhood issues and the Kirwan Commission and its work to date. He explained BCF’s work with the Central Maryland Transportation Alliance, a BCF initiative, to improve and expand Central Maryland’s transportation to provide a reliable transportation system for children to get to school and others to get to work.


Moreno continued by describing the bills designed to address family and early childhood issues that were passed in this year’s legislative session Among the bills discussed, Moreno summarized a bill that restored $1.2 million in funds to Head Start and another bill that increased the child care subsidy rate.  Another bill provides 12 weeks of parental leave for State employees.


Moreno finished by discussing the work of the Kirwan Commission.  He explained that the Commission had been charged with the review of and recommendations for the State’s education funding formula (that is, the apportionment of state aid to Counties and the City to support public education). The Commission has developed nine building blocks for education that make recommendations to reform the way in which education is administered in the State.  For more information on the Kirwan Commission, Circle Advocacy will be hosting a session with Dr. Kirwan on June 6th.  To learn more, please email education@the