Fall 2016

Feature: The Importance of an "Identity Project"   |   Focus on: Janice Williams   |   A New Easy Way to Use the BWGC Website is Coming   |   Grants Update   |   F

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Fall 2015

Feature: New Energy at Baltimore’s Health Department   |   Focus on: Rachel Forward and Sabine Oishi   |   A Renewed Emphasis on Advocacy   |   The Treasurer Repor

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Fall 2014

Feature: The Power of Storytelling   |   Focus on: Jane Rodbell   |   Mentoring Highlighted at Full Circle Meeting   |   Grants Committee   |   Making a Di

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Fall 2013

Feature: Beyond the Grant - BWGC Members Volunteer   |   Focus on: Adrienne Gieszl   |   Fall Full Circle Meeting Focuses on Learning Skills   |   Education Commit

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Fall 2012

Feature: The Reality of Poverty in 2012 - What Does it Mean to be Poor in Baltimore City   |   Focus on: Dotsie Boyce   |   Survey Results   |   Communications Com

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