Expansion of Computer Literacy Program for Immigrant Women

The Computer Literacy Program for Immigrant Women provides 2 ten-session (3-hours each session) to 15-20 women per session per year and focuses on basic computer skills, advanced job search training, and online job applications. Expansion and upgrades this year include expanding a dedicated computer lab, providing more laptops for women to take home, and providing additional trainers to support participants outside of class.  Many women immigrants lacked opportunities for education in their home countries. An important piece of education currently is computer literacy, or the ability to access and utilize computer and broadband services. It is now considered the norm to apply online for jobs, and those who apply online are much more likely to find work than those who do not. Basic computer literacy programs for immigrants have been shown to improve the well-being of immigrants and mitigate stress through providing employment opportunities, strategies to overcome barriers, and connection with others.

BWGC funds support the purchase of laptops, equipment and salaries.