Goucher Prison Education Partnership

Currently, 65 women incarcerated in the Maryland Correctional Institution for Women are enrolled through the Goucher Prison Education Partnership. 70% of students are first generation college students.  Some are the first in their family to earn a GED. Courses are taught onsite by faculty from Goucher College, Johns Hopkins University, Loyola University, and Morgan State University. Students are held to the rigorous standards for which Goucher is known.  As many students live below the poverty line before coming to prison, there is no out-of-pocket cost to Goucher students enrolled through GPEP. College is also one the most effective ways women and families escape cycles of poverty and incarceration. Students with some college typically earn a quarter of a million dollars more over their lives than peers with a high school diploma. GPEP has received regional and national recognition as a model for college in prison.

BWGC funds support general operating expenses.