Grant Application Presentations

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Spring is the time for the presentations of recommended grants applications—followed by voting. This year, we received 83 applications, which were evaluated by 115 readers, serving on 17 teams. Forty-eight applicants received site visits. The teams then recommended 35 applicants for consideration for one-year funding. Thank you to all team leaders and grant readers for your hard work!

On Wednesday, April 11, grant readers gave 3-minute speeches to present each of the 35 one-year potential grantees. All Circle members were invited to attend the meeting. Those who attended were eligible to vote for the one-year grant recipients.

The top vote getters from the one-year voting who requested consideration for two-year funding are being invited to send representatives to the Wednesday, May 9 Full Circle meeting. Each of the representatives will speak about the way in which their organization would use a $50,000 grant to further their work.

The invitation to attend the May 9 Full Circle meeting was emailed to all Circle members. Those who attend the entire meeting will be eligible to vote for the two-year grant recipients. If you wish to attend the May 9 meeting, please email

Thank you to all Circle members who joined us on April 11 and voted for the recipients of the one-year grants. Please join us again on May 9 to learn about the two-year grant applicants and decide who will receive this funding.