General Operations

¡Adelante Latina! is a free, after-school academic enrichment and college preparatory program for promising Latina girls attending Baltimore City high schools.

The mission of ¡Adelante Latina! is to help Latina girls overcome the socio-cultural, economic, and academic barriers they face in pursuing a college career.

Latina girls attending four Baltimore City high schools often lack the encouragement they need to aim for college and careers. The program strives to improve high school performance through interaction with expert teachers and caring tutors, with an emphasis on reading comprehension, vocabulary, writing skills, math, and SAT preparation. Each girl is assigned a mentor, who provides additional support with all aspects of the college application process. Field trips, paid summer internships and a week-long summer sleep-away camp round out the program.

Participation in the program leads to greater success in high school, growth in self-esteem, introduction to a world beyond family and neighborhood, and a pathway to college.

The goal of Adelante Latina! is for all participants to be accepted into either a 2-year community college or a 4-year college or university with adequate financial support. Each graduating senior who goes on to college is provided with a one-year $3,000 scholarship.

BWGC funds support a half-time administrator whose duties included tracking of volunteers and progress of students in a college preparation program for promising, low-income, Latina girls, in grades 10-12, w/ 3.0 GPS from 4 Baltimore City schools.