Challengers Teen Mother Program

Challengers Independent Living, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing independent life-skills services to teens and young adults who are living in long-term foster care. 

Challengers Teen Parent Program (CTPP) provides single, teen mothers, who are ages 15-21 and living in foster care, an opportunity to learn and practice independent skills to prepare them for positive, self-sufficient lives. The mothers live in a gated apartment complex, with full-time supervision plus licensed therapists, counselors and social workers. CTPP works with the Maryland Department of Human Services to provide housing, food and some childcare services for the mothers while they attend high school or go to work.

The Baltimore Women’s Giving Circle grant helped subsidize day care for single teen mothers living in foster care, allowing them to develop independent living skills, and to get training in a new "Circle-of-Security", evidenced-based, parenting class.