The Community School - General Operations

The Community School (TCS) is an academic & mentoring high school, based in the Remington community of Baltimore, for young people who want to advance their education, improve their lives, and better their community. Students develop their skills, knowledge, creativity, confidence, intellectual curiosity and worldview in a safe, supportive, and comfortable yet rigorous environment.


The Community School's goal is to provide support, mentoring, opportunities and instruction to each of our students in academic and life skills in the hopes our graduates will become knowledgeable, well- informed, respectful, contributing, self-sufficient and socially conscious young men and women. Most students who come to the community school live in chaotic, unstable households and/or neighborhoods. Additionally, many have experienced bullying or have social/emotional challenges that have negatively impacted academic and personal success in other schools. 


The Community School currently serves 19 students ages 14-18 years old, with projected enrollment of 24- 28. Every student has two sponsors who commit to being actively involved in supporting the student's education at TCS. 


The Baltimore Women’s Giving Circle grant was used for general operations to run this school with emphasis on mentoring high school students in the Remington neighborhood on the importance of education, healthy relationships and life choices toward success and self-sufficiency. The program purchased school supplies, lunches and other needed items for its students.