The Food Project

The Food Project (FP) addresses critical needs in Baltimore's poorest neighborhood. From the simple idea of providing nutritious food, UEM has built a multi-faceted community hub. Working out of an abandoned school kitchen and cafeteria, FP teachers culinary and restaurant skills, provides mentorship, and feeds approximately 60 neighborhood kids. Every weekday afternoon, FP youths (ages 12 to 23) gather to create and share a family dinner. Once a month, they prepare a "pop up dinner," gathering the community for a shared meal. Any leftovers are then distributed by the youth to street people. Older youths attend a class aimed at gaining a ServSafe certificate; last year 12 participants earned their certificate. Graduates of the program help manage a small food business, Seedy Nutty, whose products are now sold at Whole Foods. 

BWGC funds support salaries to the neighborhood women in kitchen operations.