Nominating Committee: Did You Ever Wonder How It Works?

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The historic charge of the Circle’s Nominating Committee has been to develop a slate of officers for approval by the full membership every two years. Officers include the two Steering Committee Co-Chairs, Secretary, Archivist, Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer.


In 2017 the Steering Committee broadened the role of the Committee. Now named the Nominating and Leadership Development Committee (NLDC), the Committee’s charge has been expanded and now includes identifying Circle members for Committee Co-Chair appointments and for officer positions in upcoming years.  To develop its recommendations, the Committee is meeting with current officers, current committee and subcommittee Co-Chairs, and other Circle members – some who have stepped forward and requested consideration for leadership roles, and some identified by the current Circle leadership.  The process is more transparent and more inclusive of all members and is giving the NLDC a greater understanding of more members’ talents, skills, and interests.


A slate of officers will be presented to the full membership by written notice at least 30 days prior to the May 2018 Circle meeting, when the vote will occur. The new Steering Committee Co-Chairs select the next Grants, Post Grants, Membership, Education, and Communications Committee Co-Chairs using recommendations for those positions provided by NLDC. The Steering Committee (which meets monthly) includes the officers and all committee Co-Chairs.


All Circle members are invited to contact any of the NLDC Committee members. The Committee is appointed by Circle Co-Chairs and consists of members with experience in all areas of Circle activities.  Co-chairs are Katie Ryan Lekin ( and Francine Krumholz (; other members are Anne Donahue, Mimi Piper, Jane Rodbell, Lynn Davidov, Lisa Field, Crickett Woloson and Peggy Schapiro. Their contact information is in the member directory on the website.