Sister's Academy Of Baltimore: Beginning The Second Decade

To help support its non-sectarian community-centered middle school for girls from Baltimore's most troubled neighborhoods including Poppleton/Hollins Market, Harlem Park, Pigtown, Sandtown/Winchester, Cherry Hill, and Lakeland. These communites have high rates of vacant housing, high unemployment, drug addiction, and crime. Many Sisters Academy students are being reared by a single parent or grandparent. The Academy curriculum features small classes with individual attention, a school day that runs from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., summer sessions, and ongoing support for graduates. Along with academics, students study art, music, physical education, life skills, and computer skills. They perform community service and participate in clubs, team sports, and guided homework sessions. The Circle's grant will help fund the extended day program, life skills course, and graduate support program. To date, 100 percent of Sisters Academy middle-school students have graduate from high school, and 88 percent of its high school graduates attend college