Tahirih Justice Center - General Operations

The Tahirih Justice Center supports immigrant women and girls who refuse to be victims of violence by providing holistic legal services and advocacy for systemic change. Working to create a world where women and girls can live in safety and with dignity, Tahirih protects immigrant women and girls throughout Greater Baltimore who are seeking safety from gender-based violence such as domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, genital mutilation, and forced marriage.

 Tahirih Justice Center provides free legal assistance, as well as holistic case management services, to improve the lives of at least 275 low-income, disadvantaged immigrant women and girls, as well as an estimated 300 children and other dependent family members.  There are three areas of planned activities for women and their families:

 1.           Legal Services to Enable Survivors to Escape Violent Relationships

 2.           Supporting Services to Enable Self-Sufficiency

 3.           Opportunities for Learning and Healing


The Baltimore Women’s Giving Circle grant will help Tahirih Justice Center respond to a recent surge in need for high quality, holistic, and comprehensive services.