Transportation and Social Services to Elderly Women to Maintain Self-Sufficiency

Action In Maturity, Inc. (AIM) helps vulnerable older adults in the Baltimore metropolitan area maintain their independence and self-sufficiency by providing transportation, activities, outreach, and social services. All of AIM's services, including its transportation program, are ways to link older adults with what they need, whether it be health care, food, benefits, or social interaction.

AIM provides transportation and community connection for elderly women, thus allowing them to stay in their homes and maintain their self-sufficiency. AIM links the women to the world, providing access to medical services, health fairs and social activities. It runs a daily shuttle to food and drug stores. AIM also provides personal transportation to health education/screenings and chronic disease management classes, income tax preparation help, and Medicare navigation support. For those who live in “food deserts”, AIM provides transportation to its community food Pantry-to-Go program, a partnership with the Maryland Food Bank.

AIM users are mainly HUD-subsidized housing recipients. AIM estimates that 85% of Baltimore City is served regularly, and AIM provides service to about 1200 women annually, with an average age of 76.

The Baltimore Women’s Giving Circle grant helped expand AIM's budget for drivers; thereby helping elderly women stay in their homes by funding transportation to food and drug stores, medical appointments, classes and social occasions.  AIM well exceeded their goal of providing 1200 services by providing 1450 salaries.