Grant Process and Schedule

The Circle welcomes grant applications from organizations that meet our granting criteria. Before applying, please read our grant application criteria to make sure your organization and project meet all the requirements.

Proposal Deadline  » First Monday in DECEMBER

Emails announcing the RFP (Request For Proposals) are sent in September to nonprofit organizations. If you would like to be on this RFP mailing list, please send an email request to However, being on the mailing list is not a prerequisite for submitting an application. Applications are accepted during an eight-week period that begins on the first Monday in October. Grant applications must be submitted using BWGC’s online grant application no later than the first Monday in December. Grantee selections are announced the following June.

After your grant proposal is submitted, the BWGC grant selection process proceeds as follows

  • December: Grant applications are checked for compliance and completeness. Applicants whose proposals do not meet the BWGC criteria will be notified by email.
  • January: Grant applications are assigned to teams of BWGC volunteer grant readers. Each team receives approximately six proposals to review and evaluate.
  • February: Teams announce to the Grants Committee those proposals that have been selected for a site visit. Applicants not selected for a site visit will be eliminated from further consideration and will be notified by email.
  • February — March: Teams conduct site visits to organizations that are being considered for funding. After the site visits, teams determine which projects to recommend for funding and present their recommendations to the Grants Committee. Site visits do not indicate funding will be awarded, and applicants eliminated after site visits will be notified by email.
  • April — May: Through a voting process, Baltimore Women’s Giving Circle members select their final recommendations for grantee awards. The top award recipients will be considered for a second year of funding after an additional presentation and subsequent vote.
  • June: Grant agreements are sent to successful applicants. Notification emails are sent to the remaining applicants that were not funded.

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